Programa solidaridad: Todos los domingos a las 12:00 a 14:00 horas repartimos comida.

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Barcelona Solidarity Food distribution project

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The BARCELONA Food Solidarity Program started jointly by the Indian Culture Center and the Fundación Indali with the help of restaurante Maharaja and with collaboration of Veí A Veí (NGO of Barrio Sant Antoni) https://deveiavei.org/, it begins to help the people who are in an unfavorable situation due to the lack of food due to the COVID-19 disaster.

This solidarity program has been created and is especially aimed at those people who have been affected by COVID-19 and who unfortunately have either lost their job and have no source of income, or are in a situation criticism without legal documents and therefore cannot request any other help from administrations.

Join our initiative to help these people who are in such a difficult situation with a small donation and to allow us to continue with this action helping the most disadvantaged people affected by COVID-19.

But we do not want to stay here, despite the fact that the global situation in the face of the evolution of COVID-19 seems to be improving, there continue to be and will continue to be many people affected and in a critical situation, our objective is to keep this action as long as possible and that is why Our objective during the month of June is to try to reach an initial donation amount of € 5,000 that allows us to maintain this action and give it continuity.

Your small contribution will allow many people to continue eating in this time of health and economic crisis in Barcelona.

We appreciate your help and collaboration.

Thank you!

Fundación Indali

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