Anubhati Yoga Sanstha

Anubhati Yoga Sanstha

About this project

What is Anubhuti?

Anubhuti is a word derived from Hindi Language which means “To feel something……” In common parlance it is called as “ehsaas…” Anubhuti is the feeling of realization, to understand better. It is related to Anubhav which means experience, realization etc. Add your text here Anubhuti Yog Sanstha is that place where the real feeling of yoga comes from.

Challenges of Anubhuti
To generate such widespread interest ANUBHUTI fosters the most effective strategy is that holds a regular, local-level, state-level and Nation-level Yoga championships. It organises conferences with workshops, through research and hand-on experiences. Cash prizes and attractive awards are given to winners.. This promotes a healthy competition and encourages youth to take a keen interest in the subject. Character-building will form an integral part of the training programme thus fulfilling a major need of the hour.

Date Published

25 June 2020



Unfortunately, the pandemic continues and persists … But with your help @FundacionIndali and @icc_barcelona we continue with the Food Solidarity project 🤲🤝👐 #alltogetheragainstcovid19